Make preparing homeschool curriculum easier
with your own personal Online Classroom.

For parents who plan and prepare
homeschool material themselves:
  • Fast, organized planning of Daily Classes
  • Create Assignments and Tests/Quizzes
  • Reduce paperwork and time spent
  • Monitor student performance from anywhere
  • Attendance tracking for end of year reporting
  • Grade tracking
  • Easy organization of classes
  • Quick reference of previous coursework
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Teacher Dashboard
Teacher's Dashboard
  • No searching, no confusion.
  • Easily access all of your administrative tasks from the Dashboard.
  • Add new students to your group, create curriculum content, view past lessons and more.
Create Daily Lessons, Tests, and More
  • Create Daily Lessons that are organized into Learning work, Classwork, and Homework, and only appear for the student on the scheduled day.
  • Create Tests, Quizzes, and Exams that only appear for the student on the scheduled day.
  • Create Assignments that can be scheduled, graded, and easily viewed at any time.
Create Daily Lessons
Student Classroom
Student Classroom Environment
  • Easy-to-use and organized classroom portal, where students can access the curriculum content you have prepared.
  • Check in for school to record attendance
  • Notifications of upcoming tests and assignments.
  • All tests, quizzes, exams, and assignments can be graded, and viewed in the Gradebook.
  • Easily prepare your students final cumulative grades.
School Calendar
School Calendar
  • Personal School Calendar to keep track of important dates and holidays.
  • Post any announcement on the Calendar, and only you and your students can see it.
Attendance Log
  • Students can check in for school through their portal, and their attendance is recorded for you to view at any time.
  • End of year reporting is made much easier with quick reference to your students' attendance.
Attendance Log