About EHS

While there are great options for homeschool curriculum out there, not all parents choose to take that route. Many want the freedom of a hands-on approach to their kids' school courses and content. eHomeStudent is a tool for parents who prepare homeschool curriculum themselves. You will still prepare your content, but it will be stored and organized, cutting down on paperwork and time spent.

EHS is also a great digital classroom environment for the students that includes reminders about upcoming tests and assignments due, a school calendar for important dates, course history for studying efforts, and more.  It has been a great tool for our family, and we know it can help make your homeschool life easier as well.


1 Parent/Educator Account The master account that is able to create and manage the homeschool group.
1 Observer Account Typically used for another parent/guardian. Great for working parents who want to check in remotely. The Observer account has no editing abilities and may only view the student's progress and daily lessons.
Student Accounts The Small Family Plan allows up to 2 Student accounts and the Large Family Plan allows up to 4 Student accounts.
Lesson Planning Easily create daily lessons that the student will refer to for their classes. 
Test/Quiz Planning Easily create tests, quizzes, and exams that store the student's grade and count toward the final average.
Homework Planning For those who want to plan extra study work, similar to public school homework.
Assignment Planning Assign and track projects or other assignments, that store the student's grade and count toward the final average.
Grading System Ongoing grades that you assign are stored and averaged for cumulative scores in each course. 
Historical Reference Parents and Students can refer back to anything that was previously assigned, including Daily Lessons. This can save the student time when studying, and improve their studying efforts.
School Calendar You will have your own School Calendar to mark holidays, half days, first/last day of school, or anything else you would like to schedule. Easily edited by the parent and easily referenced by the student.